Rehab Engineering Services

While many of our services are provided on-site in these workplace, home, or school; most of the services can be provided remotely by telephone or internet-based connections.

Blindness Rehabilitation Engineering is a process for providing access to information for a person who is blind or visually impaired. Each step of the process is summarized below. For more detailed information, open the link for that step in the process.

Most often, the process involves a computer or other electronic devise along with assistive technology products that provide the necessary output.


Assess the needs to determine the specific solutions necessary to provide access to information.


Install provides the necessary hardware and software to provide access to information at work, home, or school.


Provide custom solutions for Assistive technologies (AT). AT products provide support for a wide variety of device applications right out of the box. However--particularly in the work place--proprietary applications require customized solutions to enable clients to get the information needed to perform job functions. For example, Jaws script-writing is often needed to improve accessibility and end-user productivity.


Train the end-user and support personnel to use the custom solutions developed. The hardware, software, AT products and customization are only as good as the skills of the user. Product training is often necessary; particularly for the custom solutions developed. Too, support personnel should be trained as "first responders".


On-going support is available in a variety of formats, whether on-site visits, phone-based tech support, or product documentation.